more crumb rubber exposure test results: cancer risk... “at or below one in a million.”

"EVERETT — Tests conducted of crumb rubber sports fields in five cities, including the Everett Boys &Girls Club<>, found that the cancer risk for children playing on the fields was "at or below one in a million.""

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New 2017 statement from FIFA regarding the use of crumb rubber on artificial athletic surfaces: 

" A large number of studies have further confirmed that the effect of SBR rubber are as negligible as the effect of ingesting grilled foods or exposure to tyre wear on roads in everyday life. "

FIFA pdf Here's a link to the FIFA statement document.  (press your browser back arrow to return to this page)


31 records set or tied according to CBS Sports and all on a crumb rubber infilled turf!

Yet another NFL Super Bowl has been played on turf with crumb rubber infill!

"Super Bowl records set
Most games: 7, Tom Brady
Most games, head coach: 7, Bill Belichick
Most games won, head coach 5, Belichick
Most points, game: 20, James White
Most passes, career: 309, Brady
Most passes, game: 62, Brady
Most completions, career: 207, Brady
Most completions, game: 43, Brady
Most passing yards, career: 2,071, Brady
Most passing yards, game: 466, Brady
Most touchdown passes, career: 15, Brady
Most receptions, game: 14, James White
Most games, team: 9, New England Patriots
Largest deficit overcome, winning team: 25 points, New England
Most points, overtime period, team: 6, New England
Most first downs, game, team: 37, New England
Most first downs, game, both teams: 54, New England vs. Atlanta Falcons
Most first downs passing, game, team: 26, New England
Most first downs passing, game, both teams: 39, New England vs. Atlanta
Most offensive plays, game, team: 93, New England
Most passes, game, team: 63, New England
Most completions, game, team: 43, New England
Most passing yards, game, team: 422, New England
Most passing yards, game, both teams, 682, New England vs. Atlanta
Super Bowl records tied
Most games won: 5, Brady
Most touchdowns, game: 3, White
Most two-point conversions, game: 1, James White; Danny Amendola
Most sacks, game (since 1982): 3, Grady Jarrett
Most two-point conversions, game, team: 2, New England
Most two-point conversions, game, both teams: 2, New England vs. Atlanta
Most first downs by penalty, game, team: 4, New England "

All this on a crumb rubber infilled surface!

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