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How many pounds of infill do you need per year?   How does 25,000,000 sound?   We can help you get the crumb rubber (resilient infill) you need!   Call us or contact us through this site.

Synthetic turf fields benefit from cryogenic processing

Why is Cryogenic processing better for rubber granules used for molded products than ambient processing?  It's cleaner!

Basic Answer: 
Cryogenic processed materials are easier to clean and therefore less likely to be dirty.  Obviously, adhesives will stick much better to clean material.    
Detailed Answer:
Ambient processing often creates a nuisance dust (after knives lose their edge) that is very difficult to remove from your rubber granules
Using dirty rubber for a molding operation is like painting your house without scraping and washing it first. 

What about molding operations with cryogenic rubber?

Cryogenic processed rubber can ABSOLUTELY be used for molding operations.   If someone has told you otherwise, have them give us a call to set the record straight!

Eliminating nuisance dust using cryogenics

Materials that are size reduced using cryogenics are easier to clean than materials processed with ambient methods.  Our cryogenic process uses liquid nitrogen at -325F to embrittle resilient materials before shattering to obtain size reduction.  Ambient methods require many sharp knives to cut and chop / rip and tear resilient materials apart and away from contaminates.  Unfortunately knives lose their pristine edge after the first few hours of operation and they begin to pound and chafe the material into submission.  This chaffing effect creates very fine nuisance dust that is attracted to other, larger rubber granules.  The nuisance dust is very difficult to clean away from the target size reduced granules and the net effect is the finished product is “dirty”.  Our cryogenic method does produce fine particles but they are easy to separate by standard sifting / screening methods.    The bottom line is that there's virtually no nuisance dust produced.

Paving the way with rubber granules

Rubber granules can be used for paving shockpad (base mat):

Consistent Quality

When material is processed with cryogenics, the end product is extremely consistent.   That consistency leads to better performance of your synthetic turf field.   Infill that is produced with ambient methods of processing can not promise high levels of consistency.  

More About Us

Eco Genius Solutions LLC is active in technology Innovation, Development, Commercialization and Licensing.

We are currently working with products and materials related to biofillers, water / soil remediation, rubber and plastic hybrid composites.

As part of our continuing development along the Alterna Line (tm) of materials and products, we are currently working with SaferSil (tm) and Safe-R-Sil (tm) direct alternatives to hazardous silica sand based filler materials; AlternaChar (tm) biochar related material; AlteraVate (tm) activated carbon alternative.

Skip the Chip(tm) with the cryogenic process

The CryoVortex(tm) is the World's first and ONLY process that freezes whole scrap tires and (with one pass through one grinding mill) reduces the whole tire directly to marketable rubber, steel and "tire fluff"!  No chips.  This is a truly REVOLUTIONARY process, think of the additional profits you can make if you can SKIP THE CHIP.

The CryoVortex eliminates the traditional step (shredding / chipping / grinding) of processing the tire first, before freezing.  Your savings may be immense.  Now you can process whole scrap tires directly to sizes ranging from minus 1/2" nuggets down to powder.  If you already produce or have inventory of chips or TDF we have a CryoVortex version for you too.