This is a truly REVOLUTIONARY process

Skip the Chip(tm) with the cryogenic process

The CryoVortex(tm) is the World's first and ONLY process that freezes whole scrap tires and (with one pass through one grinding mill) reduces the whole tire directly to marketable rubber, steel and "tire fluff"!  No chips.  This is a truly REVOLUTIONARY process, think of the additional profits you can make if you can SKIP THE CHIP.

The CryoVortex eliminates the traditional step (shredding / chipping / grinding) of processing the tire first, before freezing.  Your savings may be immense.  Now you can process whole scrap tires directly to sizes ranging from minus 1/2" nuggets down to powder.  If you already produce or have inventory of chips or TDF we have a CryoVortex version for you too.